21. 11. - 21. 12. 2019 AT A SECRET LOCATION IN Z├╝rich
from 18:00 (local time)
Meeting place:
Zurich West near Zurich Altstetten.
Journey to the secret location:
No worries, we'll take care of it.
Number of people:
min. 6 People
red and white is our brand, maybe on some stilts you can stand.
starting from 115 CHF

Come closer, stroll right in!

Highly honored audience,

When pigs could fly
and you could reach after the stars..
Yes, apperently everything was better in the past.
But what lasts long will finally be great,
and where we are, you should not be afraid.

For a month in Zurich our "Vintage Circus" can be found.
By culinary and entertainment you will be surround.

Step closer, come and see,
we promiss - a sensation it will be!
Vintage Circus the event is called,
a christmas dinner to which you will applaud!

// From the 21st of November to the 21st of December 2019 we invite you to our SECRET DINNER Christmas Edition for companies and bigger groups

// A memorable dinner in 5 acts
Brochure Price list
Inquiry for companies and groups of 6 people or more