Russian Christmas

In wintertime Father Frost is coming to us from Moscow. And he sends out invitations to a Christmas Party that will stick in your memory: You're going to meet Sowjet soldiers and Jack Frost and his Snegurotschka while being served vodka and caviar.

Oriental Night

Let us abduct you to the world of fairy tales from the Arabian Nights, where mysterious music meets oriental delicatessen. In the midst of plentiful plates of tajine, hummus and meat skewers there are belly dancers dancing to the rhythms of a thousand and one nights.


We carry you off to a mystical place such as you have never seen before. A surreal world with long tables in the midst of a colourful party and full of magic.

A Journey back to Zurich as it was

We take you along on a trip through the last few periods of Zurich's history, from the 19th century via the interwar years up to the sexual revolution in the late 60s. Do you have the necessary bravado?

Of Good Family

You are invited to a festive dinner to a place where in the past moved only noblemen and aristocrats. We serve an excellent meal as it formerly was reserved for baronets and the well-to-do.


We fuse art and cuisine. With refinement and an excellent wine press we welcome you in an arty surrounding.
Discover the Picasso in you!


What is the actual meaning of Innovation? It's an everyday word and yet difficult to grasp. We have interpreted the term during a multi-course dinner. From the ancient discovery of smoking as a means of preservation up to the question of how we will eat in the future. Each course if given over to a different innovation.


We return to sites where formerly metal was hammered and steel welded. Back to a time when our city still was proud of its industry.