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Cancellation of Christmas

Cancellation of Christmas "Decadent!" events

SECRET DINNER’s "Decadent!" themed Christmas events will not take place this year. The uncertainty surrounding the execution of the events is currently too high. In addition, this uncertainty is expected to increase rather than decrease during the autumn and winter months.

After a quiet period for events over the past two years, SECRET DINNER was hoping to return with a bang this Christmas season. Our chosen theme of "Decadent!" would have been the most breathtaking event we have ever organised. However, after weeks of hope, it is with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel the events. Presently, the uncertainties surrounding event regulations and requirements make planning unfeasible. The ever shifting landscape of new or changing requirements unfortunately makes it impossible for us to plan and execute events to our usual high standards.

A customer survey preceded our decision. While the current certificate requirement for events would be acceptable for some customers, it would be unacceptable for others as they do not want to exclude some employees or friends. SECRET DINNER AG also does not want to be in a position whereby some guests would have to be denied access to our events.

In addition, the introduction of more stringent restrictions for the event industry are possible in autumn or winter. For our company, it is unfeasible to be so exposed to these risks, which in the worst case could even necessitate staff redundancies.

The "Decadent!" event has therefore been postponed to 17.11.22 to 17.12.22.

The good news is we remain hopeful and resilient ????
Although this difficult time is taking longer than expected, it will eventually be over. We are currently planning our next public SECRET DINNER for spring 2022.

We also continue to organise exclusive events for companies and groups of 50 people or more. Feel free to contact us, we are only an email away:

Looking forward to seeing you soon! ❤️


Christof Rauber, CEO & Founder, Sep. 7th 2021


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