Wie läuft ein SECRET DINNER ab? Das Konzept



Ready for Take-off! // Here we go!

Each SECRET DINNER starts with an invitation. The only information you get is where and when you are being picked up. Everything else is kept strictly secret.

Now the SECRET DINNER experience can take off. At the meeting point the guests will be welcomed and accompanied to the secret location by exclusive transportion, be it by road or rail, on water or foot.

The Aperitif // The Show can Begin

On arrival the guests will be treated to a fancy drinks and snacks buffet, thus launching the evening. Gradually you sense where the adventure trip will lead.

The Food // No Secret: Excellent Cuisine

You will taste the theme of that particular SECRET DINNER in various courses both on and off the table.

What exactly does this look like? As always with SECRET DINNER this, too, is a secret. One thing, though, is certain: Exquisite, sensational food!

The Theme // Each Time an Unforgettable Experience

Each of our themes is different. We provide a unique experience by an exceptional mise-en-scène and a sense of humour. There our guests are not merely spectators, but always part of the experience.